Staff Profile: Kevin

Every so often, we feature one of our staff members on social media to highlight the amazing people we have working here at Rockhound.
This is Kevin.
Read on to learn about Kevin, and learn about how you can help him raise money for AIDS/HIV awareness and treatment.


Sometimes Kevin’s behind the bar at Rockhound, sometimes he’s biking for a great cause. Kevin will be participating in the AIDS Ride Wisconsin and raising money to support people with HIV/AIDS, and their families.
Learn a little more about Kevin, then learn a little more about the AIDS ride, how he’s participating, and how you can help support a great cause; including a fundraising event right here at Rockhound on July 15th. (See donation and event info at the bottom of this post.)

1. How long have you worked at Rockhound?
I have worked at Rockhound for almost a year now

2. What is your favorite part of what you do?
I love when a table really appreciates what you did for them. People say serving or bartending is a thankless job, but I get genuine satisfaction when I know a table has left happy, full, and ready to come back for more. I also I believe that the people you work with really make work less of a job, and I enjoy coming to work and seeing all my Rockhound Fam!

3. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
When I’m not at work I will usually be on an adventure on my bicycle. I also volunteer the Literacy Network tutoring, and I help to restore prairie in Waunakee in some spare time.

4. What are three words that describe you?
Dedicated, empathetic, procrastinator

5. What’s your favorite RBCo beer?
They are all really good, but I’d have to say Wheat the F.

More about the AIDS ride:
The ACT ride is a weekend cycling ride that benefits people with HIV/AIDS and people on HIV preventive medications such as Truvada right here in Wisconsin. All Donations go directly to help the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) keeping it here to help our neighbors and friends. This is the 16th year the ride has been going on and my first year with the ride. While there are smaller section rides I am doing the 250 mile full three day ride. I have chosen to do this ride for the people I know in my life that are HIV/AIDS Positive, one special person who is not with us anymore, and for the millions out there that don’t have access to proper medication in the world. I am also about prevention, and ARCW not only provides HIV Care but helps with people who are at risk of contracting HIV by providing knowledge and PrEP Drugs like Truvada at little or no cost to the patients.
Want to support the AIDS resource center and Kevin’s ride? Support Kevin’s ride by donating by clicking here; or come to a fundraiser on July 15th at Rockhound from 3 to 6 where $1 from every pint will go to the cause and Kevin will be raffling off a growler that comes with fills from multiple breweries. More details on the event here:


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