Time for a Patio

So, Rockhound has been open for over a year now and, wow, has it been a whirlwind. We’ve had periods of time where we can’t pour beer and serve food fast enough, and times when we wished we’d had a few more customers. But that’s the beer and restaurant biz and that’s how it rolls. I can’t thank my Rockhound fans enough for giving me the opportunity to open, and stay in business for this past year. It’s been a roller coaster. I love roller coasters, and of course, I want to keep it rolling, and improving. So…

Lately, I’ve been working diligently on paperwork required to build a patio. Technically, a sidewalk cafe, by the city’s official terminology. It will be about 500 square feet of space with 5 or 6 tables on it, in the currently grassy area on the Drake street side of the brewpub. That’s city owned property, so, there are a few more hoops to jump through than just a regular patio out back. No matter. None of the hoops are extremely difficult, just takes time. And money. I have to pay a landscape architect to work on official drawings for the city, some permitting fees, and have to pay the city to “rent” the property from them, since it is city space.

So, as I’m working through it all, I could use a little bit of help. We hope to break ground in a few weeks, but right now, my staff and I have noticed that the pub has been a bit slow. We know, it’s nice out and you want to be outside…on a patio. I want to build the Rockhound patio, so the best way to help is to come in and drink and eat, or even buy a growler fill to take home to your backyard cook-out. By stopping in once or twice over the next few weeks, you’ll give me the support I need to build that patio. Then you, my most excellent patron, will get a chance to eat and drink on the Rockhound patio for the rest of the summer, and into the fall.

Hope you’ll come on in soon.



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