Happy First Anniversary!

But wait, Nate. I thought the brewpub wasn’t open yet. Did I miss something?

No you definitely didn’t miss anything. Last week, on July 2, was the first anniversary of my self employment. On the afternoon of July 1, 2014, I clicked the “exit” button and walked out the revolving security doors at American Family Insurance for the last time. It’s already been a year.

When I left AmFam, I anticipated that it would take at least nine months to open the brewpub. Well, it is looking like I needed to double that answer as with an anticipated January-ish open, that is about 18 months. I’ll be discussing more of the beer and business side of this venture later.

In the mean time, here are a few disjointed thoughts on being self employed for the last year:

  • I’ve worked in my pajamas a lot. That’s not so bad.
  • I’ve brewed a lot of beer to test recipes. Heck, that’s part of my job now. That’s kinda neat. I brew in my PJs.
  • My house gets really cold during the day in the winter and I’m too stubborn to turn the heat back up. So that kinda sucks. Blankets and hooded sweatshirts are my friends.
  • But in the summer, I have a great screened in porch where I can sit and work, like I’m doing right now! That’s definitely awesome.
  • I’ve enjoyed watching the weather and the seasons change outside my windows. I know I’ve been much more attentive to it and actually enjoyed the fall leaves, winter snows, spring buds, and summer rains much more than before.
  • I’m currently watching a bird make a nest in a tree outside my front porch.
  • If I need an afternoon nap, and I have the time, I can take one. That’s pretty awesome. (But doesn’t happen as often as you’d think.)
  • If I want an afternoon beer, I can have one. Also pretty awesome.
  • If I need someone to talk to, I have two cats and a dog. None of them ever answer back, though, unless it’s after 4:00. Then they just want to get fed.
  • I make my own lunch every day and decide what to make when I’m actually hungry, instead of having to think about packing a lunch in the morning, prior to having my coffee.
  • Still not wearing pants.
  • I have meetings at coffee shops, restaurants, and bars often. That’s always nice. I make sure to put on pants for those.
  • When I have a meeting somewhere, people are on time. It’s crazy, but true. There’s no “five minutes late is still considered on time” issue. I may have experienced that a time or two in a previous life.
  • One trash day I counted 15 trash and recycling trucks going past my house. I’m curious to know why they don’t have a better routing system. I think they could learn from UPS or FedEx.
  • But in the winter, I’ll be lucky if I count one snowplow.
  • Ahh, my tax dollars at work.
  • At least I can watch all of this in my PJs.

PJ Porch Working

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