The Beardless Brewer

I’ve never been able to grow a beard. I’ve made a few halfhearted attempts in my life, to be sure, but have always bailed before it came to any half decent length. I suppose that’s because it just doesn’t work on me. I go hunting or fishing or on a long camping trip, let it grow for a few days or even a week, then look in the mirror and realize I have perpetual holes in my beard, bald spots on my face, and thin areas galore. I think it comes from my maternal grandfather who, according to my mother, used to shave once a week, whether he needed it or not. In my teens and twenties, if I didn’t shave for a few days, my mom used to tell me that facial hair just made my face look dirty. She was right. That still applies today.

I suppose this goes along well with my baby face, which I got from my father. He’s 72 and definitely doesn’t look it. The difference being that he is able to grow a full beard and had one for the first 17 years or so of my life. I’m all of 38 and people are still constantly surprised that I’m really that old. I finally stopped getting carded at most liquor stores and bars around 30 or 32. So, in attempts at trying to look a bit older, every few years I’d try to grow a goatee or something.  In one attempt, a few years back, it even ended up in a work team picture. It looked horrible. Off it came.

So, on to the reason for this blog. I brew beer. I’m starting a full scale professional brewpub. (Rockhound Brewing Company) I don’t have a beard. Hence the name. I swear, every other male brewer I meet has facial hair of some sort – goatee, six inch long beard, carefully groomed scruff, etc. But not me. Anyway, I want to chronicle the fun, the trials and tribulations, the headache, the heartache, and the complete joy I get surrounding the start-up brewpub. But a blog? Those are so 2005. Yeah, I know. But, apparently, people still read them occasionally. Either way, this is for me, but I’ll put it out into the world in the hope that a few other people will read this along the way. I’ll discuss beer things, business things, inspirational things, and likely a few other things in my life, but the main focus will be things related to the brewpub activities, in one way or another.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll come along for the wild ride. Oh, and find Rockhound on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, the website.

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