How a broken water softener made me a better brewer

When most people start homebrewing, they typically start out simply – read a book on brewing, or the instructions that came with their first kit brew. Put some water in a pot, add some grains, steep, boil the liquid, cool, ferment with the yeast provided. It’s a simple process, overall. I was no different. I followed the directions, but didn’t … More How a broken water softener made me a better brewer

Liquid Promotion

On November 4th, 2014, I put an announcement on social media that I was giving away free beer. And, wow, did a lot of people want to take me up on that offer. I guess that’s what I wanted. A good friend of mine called it “liquid promotion.” I offered up test batch tasting of … More Liquid Promotion


I’ve previously written a little about how I’ve come up with some beer recipes. But that post talks primarily about relatively standard beer styles. With over 4000 breweries in the U.S., do those really differentiate my brewing? Or is some beerxperimentation needed? Most people have heard of pumpkin beers by now. Other beerxperimentations that I’ve read about include … More Beerxperimentation

Mad Scientist Alchemy – Formulating a Beer Recipe

I’m often asked how I come up with beer recipes. This is always a fun question to answer as it engages brewers and non-brewers in conversation about beer and my future business. The short answer is that, like most brewers, it is primarily a matter of trial and error. There’s also research that goes into it by looking … More Mad Scientist Alchemy – Formulating a Beer Recipe